Boys Bedroom Organization Ideas

Boys Bedroom Organization Ideas

Hello friends! Today I am sharing some boys bedroom organization tips we use to help keep our boy’s room tidy!

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I recently had a friend reach out and ask me how I keep my house so tidy all the time. Of course I had to reassure her that my house was by no means tidy all the time, and that I deal with messes and laundry and toys all over the place, just like everyone else! 

Remember, on my blog and channel – you are seeing my highlight reel. I’m not going to take pictures of dirty dishes, laundry piled up all over the couch, or legos all over my living room floor. 

You’ll get a good dose of those things over on Instagram and in my stories, but not when I’m trying to share decorations inspiration or home styling ideas. 

That being said, I will say that if you were to stop by on any given day, our house would look (mostly) picked up and tidy. I’m not sure if it was the way I was raised or if it’s something that’s just built into you, but piles all over the house just don’t do it for me. 

Minimal simplistic cottage living room with thrifted decor pieces throughout

I’m not able to relax and truly feel at peace in my home when there is clutter around me or items in places they don’t belong. 

Believe me, I try to ignore it. Sometimes I hate that I can’t just live with a bit of a mess. But picking up and keeping things tidy is almost subconscious for me…I catch myself doing it without even thinking, 

I’m trying to train my boys to do the same, but of course they are young, and still learning. In order to keep the mess at bay (as well as my sanity), I do a few different things every few months that really help to keep things tidy in our small home. 

Teaching young kids responsibility and giving chores to help around the house

If you’d rather watch than read, be sure to watch the YouTube video above! I organize my boys bedroom and share all the tips that have helped our family to stay organized. 

Boys Bedroom Organization – Create Systems That Work and
Re-Evaluate Systems That Aren’t Working 

So what do I mean by “systems”?

Every time you go to clean up, what are you noticing?

DIY ticking stripe bed skirt in vintage sports themed boys bedroom

Are you constantly cleaning up the same things? The same Lincoln Logs? The same Legos? The same Nerf Bullets?

Maybe it’s time to create a new system that works better to keep those toys contained. In the video I linked above, I was finding that my system for Nerf gun organization was NOT working. The boys could access it too easily and the container was too small. 

Instead of allowing the boys to pull out Nerf bullets whenever they please, I decided to organize all of their Nerf gear ad put it into a bin high in their closet where they couldn’t reach it. 

That way when the boys want to have a Nerf battle, they have to ask for permission. If it’s a good time, I’ll pull the bin down and let them play. Afterwards, they’ll have to clean it all up before choosing different toys to play with. 

Hooks for extra storage in vintage sports themed boys bedroom

Does that make sense? 

It may seem cruel to make my boys ask to play with certain types of toys, but it helps to cut down on the mess SO much. When they ask to play with something, I can respond with “yes, but you’ll have to clean it all up when you’re finished.” 

And they always agree and have so much fun with those toys, almost as if they are even more special. But when they can easily access something, they might shoot a Nerf bullet here or there, play for a few minutes or so, then decide to move on. 

Then, Mom is left with tiny bullets all over the place and Nerf guns in random places where they don’t belong. 

Vintage, antique and thrifted treasures that make up the home decor of a sports themed boys bedroom

Reevaluate your systems often. What is working? What is not working? How can we improve? 

I like to create systems for toys that have a lot of parts and pieces. Things like train sets, play doh, Army men, and play tools all have their own bins that I keep up high. 

Boys Bedroom Organization – Go Through Toys Often and Donate

Every couple of months we try to go through all of the toys and decide what the boys are playing with, and what they no longer care about. I would say we do this at least twice a year, if not more. 

Anything that the boys haven’t played with in a very long time is donated. The boys often help me with this, and I like to tell them that their toys will bring other children so much joy. 

Blue and white striped decor details in vintage sports themed boys bedroom

Kids can be sentimental, and sometimes it’s best to do this without them because you know they will never even notice if you donate toys they haven’t played with in months. You know your kids best, so choose a time that works best. 

If my boys are struggling to let go of something, I often like to point out all of the other toys they have. “I know you love that car, but you have two other cars just like it. Can we keep your favorite?” By giving them the choice, it makes them feel like they have some control over what donate. 

Boys Bedroom Organization – Try to Keep Toys Minimal

I’m at the point now as a Mom where I ask myself – “is this toy going to end up all over my house in a million broken pieces?” Ha! Honestly though – I really try to avoid buying toys that have cheap parts and pieces that will create even more of mess. 

When organizing my boys’ room, anything that is broken or missing parts usually goes in the trash. There’s no point in hanging on to it! 

Different vintage sports items used as decor in boys bedroom reveal

Little things like bouncy balls and trinkets don’t last long in my home. They end up in couch cushions and crevices, so when I find them I often just toss them. If I held on to every little toy that my boys brought into our home, it would be a disaster. 

Toys that do have several parts or pieces that my boys actually enjoy playing with stay organized in bins that Mom has to get down for them. 

Easy DIY bedskirt hack

I hope these boys bedroom organization tips helped you guys out! I’m still loving our boys’ bedroom makeover! You can see the full reveal, here. 



Boys Bedroom Organization Ideas


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