My Breech ECV Experience – 4th Baby

My breech ECV experience

At 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, we found out that our fourth baby is breech. Today I’m sharing my breech ECV experience, what it was like and how I’m feeling afterward. 

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For all of you who have been following me on Facebook and Instagram, you are well aware by now that we recently found out that our fourth baby is breech. Today I want to share my breech ECV experience with you in a little more detail.

I know this blog post has nothing to do with home decor or DIY, but my hope is that maybe it will encourage another mama out there who is considering the same procedure. 

After my doctor confirmed that our baby was breech, she suggested we try an ECV – an external cephalic version. During this procedure they administer medicine to relax the uterus (I was given a shot in the back of my arm) and the doctor then tires to manually move the baby. 

The main risk of an ECV is that if anything goes wrong or there’s fetal distress, an emergency c-section would take place. I left that appointment acting strong, but by the time I got to my car and sat down I completely lost it. 

This was all such a shock – completely out of no where. I wasn’t expecting it, this wasn’t the plan. I had already delivered 3 babies vaginally, so this was unknown territory for me. 

Somehow I made it home and my husband happened to meet me in the driveway. I burst into tears all over again and explained what was going on, and he prayed with me and said he thought we should just wait. We didn’t want to rush into anything, we wanted to explore other options and see what else could be done. 

I ran into a friend that very night who put me in touch with her midwife, who kindly referred me to a chiropractor who is certified in the Webster Technique. We set up an appointment as quickly as we could, and decided to start trying the exercises found on the spinning babies website. 

After a week of meeting daily with this amazing chiropractor who became such a sweet friend, along with spinning baby exercises, going to the pool and doing handstands, walking round with ice packs on my stomach and rubbing peppermint oil near the babies head…we decided to try the ECV. My chiropractor really thought it would be successful since this was my fourth baby, and my doctor seemed really optimistic as well. 

At this point I was 39 weeks and 5 days, and I knew I was running out of time. I called my doctor and we set it up for the following day at 7 AM. I was told I could have a light breakfast, nothing too heavy. 

When we arrived they had me undress, then monitored the baby to be sure everything was okay before the procedure. They also did an ultrasound to check for the umbilical cord and placenta placement. After giving me the medicine to relax my uterus, the doctor began working on moving the baby. 

Preparing for ECV for breech baby experience

I had read that ECV’s were painful, one woman said that it was worse than childbirth. I didn’t believe it, I honestly didn’t think it could possibly be that bad. Boy, was I wrong. 

I don’t mean to scare anyone, but I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced anything so painful. I closed my eyes and breathed through it, squeezing my husband’s hand as tight as I could. I didn’t cry or scream out because I was trying to be strong so that the doctor wouldn’t stop. 

After three failed attempts, she apologized and said she simply could not get the baby’s bottom out of my pelvis. They explained that there might be bruising and soreness the next day, and then they brought the paperwork to set up the c-section. 

That’s when I burst into tears again. 

We filled everything out and they monitored me for two hours to be sure the baby was okay, and we planned the c-section for that Friday, four days from the time we had the ECV. 

I’m not scared of the c-section, I think a lot of people have reached out with good intentions, trying to tell me how wonderful and safe they are. I know they are safe and I trust my doctor. I think I am just mourning the fact that I won’t have that natural labor experience that I had planned for in my head. 

Visiting hospital for ECV for breech baby

But I know that God is good, He is faithful and He has a plan through all of this. I have tried so hard to flip this baby and control the situation, but ultimately I’ve realized that God is the only One Who is truly in control. 

He loves me, and He has a reason for all of this even though I don’t understand. This is no surprise to Him. Some verses that have helped me during this time are Proverbs 3:5-6 – 

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct thy paths.”
“Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10
“Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength.” Habbakuk 3:18
“How precious are your thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand…” Psalm 139:17-18

I hope that by sharing my breech ECV experience it was a help to any other mamas who are going through something similar or considering an ECV. Just because mine wasn’t successful, doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful for you. SO many women told me that the ECV worked great for them! Just know that God loves you and He has a plan, no matter what the outcome. 

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My breech ECV experience


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  1. Oh my heart went out to you when I watched your video! I had a similar experience with my 3rd baby about 16.5 months ago!
    I went in to the hospital 3 days before my due date with what I thought was high blood pressure (I was induced with my first 2 because of that).my husband was working 2 hours away, so my mom took me in. Till I got there my blood pressure was fine, and the headache that I had been experiencing was gone. But I’m completely of the mind that it was such a God thing… because while I was there they found out that baby was breach!! I had all my normal appointments, and nobody caught it. Looking back I’m pretty sure I know when she flipped, but it had been weeks beforehand! It definitely brought on anxiety when I found out that I would be having a c-section that evening. My sister had 4 of them, so I had heard a lot about them, and it was a little scary. I was so worried I would throw up or feel nauseas. I told the anesthesiologists to give me every anti-nausea drug available;)
    Anyway, I just want to encourage you… as a sister in the Lord… you will be ok, God knew this would happen!! Some practical tips that I learned from my sister I’ll share with you…
    right after the baby is born, have them put “the patch” behind your ear, it helps a lot with nausea! You can’t have it before the baby is born, but right after it’s ok!
    Ask them to drop the drape to see your baby be born. Something I’m so thankful I got to see. Makes it seem like a normal birth.
    If your up to it, do skin to skin with baby while they sew you back up. We have such a family friendly hospital, that they definitely support skin to skin as soon as possible! Don’t stress if you don’t feel up to it. I could only do it for a little.
    C-sections are a lot different that vaginal deliveries (I never even had an epidural!) just give yourself plenty of time to heal, and stay up on your pain meds. Sleep with baby in your bed, so you don’t have to move around a lot.
    A lot more could be said, but this is getting long;) just wanted to share things I learned from my sister who is a champion at c-sections:) I’m so thankful for the option of c-sections, and so thankful they caught it earlier than later. You are such an encouragement to watch, thank you for being a city user on a hill that can not be hid! And the best tip of all is PRAY! When you don’t have the strength to pray, have your husband intercede! And the Holy Spirit can interpret groanings which can not be uttered! So thankful we serve a GOOD God! Will be praying! God bless!
    Ps. Feel free to ask me any questions! I was so thankful to gavel a sister that had been through it and I could ask her anything!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to send me such a sweet, encouraging and detailed comment. I appreciate it more than you know! I plan to do all that you mentioned above and am praying for God’s will through all of it. Thank you again, and thank you for the prayers. I will reach out if I have any additional questions. Thank you again!

  2. So happy to see your post! Sending prayers from Florida and looking forward to seeing your sweet baby tomorrow! When I was pregnant with my first our lamaze instructor asked us to go home and write out what our idea of a perfect delivery would be, what would be ok and what would be scary to us. I was the only one to do it!!! My first delivery was ok, but the second one I ended up having a c-section after a lot of craziness. That assignment really helped me get through that second delivery and I ended up with healthy baby who is 3o years old now! Love and prayers to you and your family.

  3. I will be praying for you, Andrea! As you said…God has a plan, and His ways are perfect! Our daughter was a breech as well, with her feet first….as well as undiagnosed placenta previa. My obstetrician told me repeatedly that I was wrong, when I voiced concerns about the baby’s position. I regret not getting a second opinion. I am still dealing with the ramifications of having a vaginal birth….37 years later. I don’t say this to scare you, but to encourage you. You are blessed to be offered a C-section. I wish the option had been offered to me. The Lord was truly watching over both myself and our sweet daughter. I will be praying for God’s peace and grace for you and your family. Sending much love and all of my best wishes! 💗

  4. Prayers and hugs! Once you have that sweet little one in your arms, this bump in the road will be behind you.

  5. God bless you, your little one and family! Your reliance on the Lord is an inspiration and blessing! I’m sure you’ve touched many! Thanks for your transparency!!

  6. Dear Andrea,
    Just a quick but heartfelt message. I pray that all goes well tomorrow. Your sweet little miracle will soon be in your arms. ♥️


  7. Lots os practical advice in the first letter above. I’ve had three C-sections and although I wouldn’t go through it for a new car, I would certainly go through it for a new precious baby. Just a few tips, since you seem to be open to receiving them. The first time you stand up you will feel like you may never walk again, but it will be easier every time you try…I promise. Second and a nurse taught me this, when you go from standing, into bed, or into a chair, put the backs of your knees right against the bed, or the chair. Then you just sink down. Believe me this makes a huge difference. Good luck. You’ve got this and God will watch over you, as all your “fans” pray with intensity for both you, the baby and all your family.

  8. It sounds like you have a srong, and strong willed baby there! All good wishes and prayers for you, the baby, and your family.
    Peace and love!

  9. Hi Andrea! How exciting a new little baby will soon be here! And before you know it —- the pitter patter of tiny little feet running around!

    I’m a mom of four and all four were C-sections.

    I came to know Jesus when I was about six months pregnant with my third.

    I experienced the peace of God during that C-section in words I can’t even describe.

    Place all your trust in our Lord , as I know you will, and pray for peace to help you with any anxiety. I’ll be thinking of you in the morning and also praying for you.

    Looking forward to photos on your blog of the new arrival!

    John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (NKJV)


    1. I loved reading this so so much, the peace of God is incredible isn’t it? Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful and encouraging details of your life with me!

  10. Praying for you and your family!! What an exciting day tomorrow will be as you meet your new little one!!
    So thankful for the reminder that even when things don’t always go as we plan, God is always faithful!

  11. I was moved to tears by your public record of faith at such a trying time. Your life is bringing glory to Him. Thank you for the encouraging scriptures. Best wishes and prayers for your delivery. 🙂❤…..and YES, even though we are here for the home decorating we are interested in all that you share.

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