How I Stay Organized as a SAHM and Blogger – My Planner!

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I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! With today being New Years Eve, I wanted to share the first thing I need to have on hand going into a new year – my planner! My planner is how I stay organized as both a SAHM and blogger! 

YouTube video

I am very old fashioned when it comes to my planner. I know a lot of you utilize phones and computers, but I personally just love to write every single detail down.

I like to be able to open my planner and instantly see everything written out for the day and month. My planner is how I stay organized as both a SAHM and blogger!

One of the four books open with four books displayed behind in the planners I will use to stay organized

This year, I am trying a new planner from my sweet friend Cami over at Tidbits Blog that I am so excited to share with all of you. This planner layout is so impressive and I can’t wait to use it this year!

I actually was able to meet Cami this summer, she is a fellow blogger and she has put her heart and soul into this planner bundle and it really shows.

If you don’t know her, be sure to head over to Cami’s beautiful blog. Her home is one of my absolute favorites, and her European Farmhouse style is so classic and timeless!

Planner description from friend Cami

There are so many details to share about this planner bundle with all of you that I decided to show each of them in the YouTube video above.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I shop for planners I like to flip through them and see how they are laid out. I definitely took the time to do that for you guys in the video, so be sure to watch if you’re a visual person like me!

Planner bundle details

I will share a few details about her planner bundle here in the blog post as well, but let me just say – she really thought out everything! From the color options, to the dates booklet and even to the pen she included….everything was carefully chosen and I am in love with each and every detail!

Pen details that come with planner
More pen details that is included with the planner

One of the main things I love about my planner is how beautiful it is. I can leave the set sitting out displayed on my desk in my sunroom and not feel like they have to be hidden or put away when not in use. She used a timeless, clean look with color options that really match almost all decor types.

Display of the tidbits planner on my desk
Another display angle of the planner in my sunroom

As you can see, this bundle includes four books – a notebook, sketchbook, journal, and a day planner. Each of these different components will be used and I love that there is a separate book for each. This bundle will keep me so organized this year! 

The journal includes a space on each page for dates as you write daily throughout the year, but the notebook is left completely blank so that you can use it for whatever you wish! Grocery lists, project notes, homeschooling…the options are endless!

Four books that come with the planner set

Cami’s bundle also includes a sketchbook that is filled with blank pages which I absolutely love. Every time I sketch project designs for our home I plan to use this book. I can’t wait!

The final book in this bundle is the 2021 planner. Oh, how I love this planner! She leaves all of the headings blank so that you can truly customize it to fit your own life!

Planner book details

Not only that, but Cami broke down each day into an hourly schedule from 6 in the morning to 9 o’clock at night. I LOVE this! What a wonderful way to keep track of your time and truly use each day to it’s fullest potential!

Inside view of the planner details with how I stay organized as a SAHM and Blogger
Another book in the set that includes details of the planner I will use to stay organized as a SAHM and Blogger

As I already mentioned, I really dive into the details of this planner in my YouTube video linked above. I show you the inside of each book, and what’s all included in this bundle.

Layout of the planner details with how I stay organized as a SAHM and Blogger

I hope you’ll take the time to watch…this bundle is definitely how I plan to stay organized as a SAHM and blogger this year! You can shop the Tidbits planner here and use code “pine10” to receive 10% off your purchase!

Gorgeous new planner layout for How I Stay Organized as a SAHM and Blogger

I cannot wait to get started on a fresh, new year and this gorgeous planner just adds to the excitement! Thank you all for taking a few moments to read and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!


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    1. Hello, I will check, but you should be able to take a look at the website for more details in the meantime. This is a great planner! Happy New Years to the UK!

  1. Andrea! This planner looks amazing!! I also love the old fashioned way of writing things down with a pen/pencil. I tried to use the phone stuff once, but it was an epic failure! haha I already have my planner for 2021 but I’ll keep this in mind for next year!

  2. Love these planners!!! Love how minimalist they are! What colors did you get for each book? Thanks!

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