Charming Cottage Farmhouse Bathroom Elements

I’m sharing some charming cottage farmhouse bathroom elements with you all today as well as some plans I have for a our own guest bath!

I’m sharing some charming cottage farmhouse bathroom elements with you all today as well as some plans I have for our own guest bathroom renovation!

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Cottage farmhouse bathroom key elements are easier to incorporate than you might think. Adding beautiful artwork and a shower curtain with a classic pattern are simple design changes to bring that cottage charm into your bathroom. However, some bigger changes like paneled details, farmhouse vanities, and classic tiling can add so much more. Today I’d like to share five cottage style bathrooms with you that inspire me, as well as my plans for a SUPER budget friendly makeover in our guest bath. 

First, let’s take a look at our guest bathroom shortly after we moved into this home eight years ago. While the rest of our house only needed cosmetic updates, this space was a complete gut job. The plaster was crumbling, the 1980’s vanity and white sink needed to go, and there was dingy green carpeting on the floors. 

Before photos of our bathroom
Before photos of our bathroom!
Before photos of our guest bath!
Before photos of our bathroom!

We moved into our home in the spring of 2012 and started on the bathroom that very summer. I came home from work one day and just sporadically took a hammer to the walls haha! About 15 minutes later I was sitting in a tub full of plaster, crying. Can you just imagine? I laugh sometimes thinking about that moment.  

As funny as it was, my spontaneous demo job pretty much kick started the guest bathroom makeover. We made a lot of decisions that I still LOVE to this day, and a few that I really REGRET. Here is what our guest bathroom looks like, today.

Cottage Bathroom Refresh Ideas!
Cottage Bathroom Refresh Ideas!
Cottage Bathroom Refresh Ideas!

Let’s start with the decisions I’m still happy about, eight years later. 

Cottage Farmhouse Bathroom Elements – What I’m STILL Loving about our Guest Bath

Beadboard Paneling

You guys already know how I feel about beadboard, I’m so happy we put it in this bathroom. It’s timeless, and so true to the traditional cottage look of our home. We painted ours white which is beautiful, but lately I’ve really been loving the look of painted bead board (a color besides white). 

My friend Brittany’s bathrooms over at Thorn Cove Abode are a perfect example of this. I love how her beadboard is painted a beautiful neutral color, but the walls above it are white. 

Painted bead board adds a historic feel to this bathroom! - cottage farmhouse bathroom elements

Lately I’ve been so drawn to the color green, and I think that might be the color I choose for my beadboard. We’ll see!

A Unique Vanity

The next thing in our bathroom that I’m still very pleased with is our DIY vanity. My Dad helped me build it with two, five dollar posts I found in a clearance bucket at a lumber yard, and I think that it adds so much character and a beautiful focal point to the space.  

Choosing something unique rather than your typical big-box store bathroom vanities will add so much charm to a cottage bathroom. I love how my friend Amanda over at Sincerely Marie Designs used a beautiful antique dresser in her recent guest bathroom makeover! Isn’t it stunning with the floral wallpaper?

Using something unique like a dresser for a vanity adds so much charm to a bathroom!

My friend Deborah at Vintage Society Company used an old antique desk in her bathroom, and it could not be more perfect in her space with the shiplap walls and sconces!

Using an antique desk for a vanity is such a great way to add character to a bathroom! - cottage farmhouse bathroom elements

Chrome Fixtures

I’m still so happy with my decision to go with chrome fixtures in our guest bath. It feels true to the home and keeps the bathroom light and airy. 

My friend Loren over at Blue Barn and Cottage has beautiful chrome fixtures in her bathroom as well. I know that brass and oil rubbed bronze are trendy right now, but chrome will always be a classic!

Chrome fixtures are a classic choice for a cottage style bathroom!

So now let’s talk about my design REGRETS in this space.

Guest Bathroom Decisions I REGRET…

The Shower Tile

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with our tile. My regret is that I chose something trendy rather than timeless. The glass accent tile is not something I would choose today, and while it is beautiful, I wish I had chosen something more classic and true to our home like subway tile. 

I don’t want to demo our shower any time soon, so I might play around with painting the glass tile, perhaps? We actually painted the tub eight years ago with tub and tile paint, and it has held up great. We’ll see what I end up doing!

The Linoleum Floors

The previous owner had already purchased these with plans to install them before selling, so they were a free choice for us. At the time it seemed like a no brainer, but I wish now that I had chosen something with a bit more character! I’m playing around with painting the tiled floors, as well. I’ll keep you guys posted!

A few other changes I’d like to make…

The Mirror

Our current mirror was a $5 thrift store find, and I’m not sure yet if I want to keep it or look for something different. I do know that I’d like to use something vintage! An antique mirror can add so much rustic charm to your bathroom! 

I love the vintage sink mirror that my friend Rachel used over at Shades of Blue Interiors. It adds so much character to her bathroom!

The Light Fixture

I’m going to attempt to give our bathroom light fixture an affordable update by switching out the glass shades. I can’t wait to share all these updates with you guys!

Well, I think that about covers my plans for our guest bathroom! What do you guys think? What ideas do you have for the space? I’d love to know in the comments below!


I’m sharing some charming cottage farmhouse bathroom elements with you all today as well as some plans I have for a our own guest bath!


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  1. Hi Andrea,
    As well, I love the bead board and your vanity! I think I would paint the boarder tile to. Bead board-a very light green and the mirror an accent colour or white?? (Is stripping it an option?) I do love your mirror and I think it looks good there. If you decide to say good-bye to it, please let me know!!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Such beautiful pictures, thank you & some new inspirational accounts to follow. So many choices to look at that it’s so hard to narrow it down.

    Think green would look lovely in your bathroom. Not sure what sort of shade green you were going for but found a few different colours from Farrow & Ball that would look great. Pigeon & then Light Blue.

    Look forward you seeing what you do.

    Claire xx

    1. Ohh thank you so much for those options Claire! Believe it or not I happened to have a few cans of green paint already in my basement, so I tried one of them and I really love it! Haha I hope it comes together nicely! Thanks for following along 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do in the bathroom! I’m sure whatever you come up with will be gorgeous 💕

    1. Aww Elizabeth thank you so much!! I’m so excited to share it with you guys! I’ve already gotten started and I love where it’s headed! 🙂

  4. I, too, want to switch out my globes. So much I really want to do to my bathroom. I am going to do beadboard from floor to ceiling, and may have to paint my vanity (EEK) since my husband likes the storage. Would greatly love to turn an old buffet into a bathroom vanity. Ah, dreams.

  5. Of all the other bloggers you have linked to on your website, I like your taste the most. Your decorating is more tasteful and classic and not ‘Cracker Barrel country’.
    I‘d suggest you change your shower curtain before anything else other than paint. It doesn’t fit your style. Maybe a large gingham check in a soft neutral color like taupe. I also think you should put some of your small paintings in that room as well since you want to have green as your room color focus.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Anna, that is the sweetest thing to say. Thank you so so much! I agree about the curtain. I tried it in there and it feels too “new” haha! I still have not found the right one, though! Thanks again for all the love. 🙂

  6. I love your site and Instagram! I’m currently redoing my bathroom and I’d like to use beadboard. Is there a certain type you would recommend to use in the bathroom with moisture and where can I find it? Thanks!

  7. Enjoyed reviewing all the bathroom pics. Your friend Rachael has too many tastes going on her in bathroom. Nothing speaks to each other. The eye just bounces around from top to bottom. Another bathroom had a very wide sink counter and they put a narrow toilet in the corner space, against a wall. The toilet is more important and all that sink counter space. Do not be so critical of your bathroom remake. Find a large rug to cover the flooring. I like the light colored curtain as it makes the room look larger. Repaint the shower tiles and you are more than good to go. Nothing has to be forever.

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