Outdoor Summer Patio Tour: Bring Beauty to Your Backyard

Outdoor Summer Patio Tour

Hello friends! Warm weather is here and I LOVE it! I hope you enjoy this outdoor summer patio tour that features our pea gravel patio and our brand new DIY outdoor dining concrete table!

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It’s officially SUMMER!!!!

For us, that means Daddy is done with school (he’s a paraprofessional) and our schedules are (a tiny bit) more relaxed. 

Longer days of sunshine and later nights spent around the glow of a bonfire. Enjoying fresh air and sunsets at the break wall. No more 7:30 bedtime. Ice cream for dinner. Every day is like your birthday when it’s summertime haha

Okay, maybe that last one is a stretch haha. But SUMMER! I love you. It’s my favorite time of year, and today I thought I would share a space that we love to use in an outdoor patio tour!

Summer Patio Tour Cottage Inspired Outdoor Spaces
Cottage Inspired Summer Tablescape Ideas
English Cottage Patio Outdoor Spaces
Summer Patio Tablescape and Place Settings

This DIY pea gravel patio has been a work in progress over the last five years. It started out small and got larger over time, we’ve added a rock border, planted perennials and even made our own DIY patio table dining area. 

English Cottage Pea Gravel Patio with Rock Border

My brother in law helped me build the bottom of our patio table with some treated 4×4’s that someone gave to us, but the top was made out of regular wood that has warped over time. 

Well, this spring my husband came up with the amazing idea to create a concrete tabletop! He did such a good job, and I love the way it turned out. 

DIY Concrete Tabletop for Patio Furniture
DIY Concrete Patio Table in outdoor space
Rustic Concrete Summer Patio Tabletop

It was quite the project, and if you want to see more of the steps you can watch the YouTube video above! 

It’s not perfectly smooth, and has sort of a rustic feel. But I really love it and I think it looks so perfect with our cottage inspired patio decor. The concrete and wood go so well together! It’s definitely my favorite outdoor seating areas!

DIY Concrete Table top home exterior inspiration
Concrete Table Top Outdoor Furniture

In order to create a more comfortable patio space, I picked out a few beautiful things from The Company Store! The first items I would like to share are the seating choices. We already had this set of patio chairs, but chose these cushions to make them even more comfortable.

DIY Pea Gravel Patio Summer Tour

I recently shared these wicker chairs in our dining room and have our old ones displayed outside now by our back door. These cushions fit them perfectly and I love having them in this space!

Summer Patio Tour Seating Ideas
Outdoor comfortable seating summer patio ideas

The beautiful table runner, tea towels, and placemats are also from The Company Store, and I love how much they soften the space and make it even more inviting.

Blue and White Floral Summer Table Settings
English cottage inspired outdoor home decor
Summer Patio Tablescape Cottage Ideas

For the place settings, I used glassware I already had on hand as well as my grandfathers beautiful dining set bowls. I used a glass pitcher for water, a galvanized metal watering can and a basket to hold flowers. I love the different textures together in the space!

We also added string lights for ambiance on summer evenings, as well as big umbrella for a bit of shade on hot summer days! I love having little picnics under the string of lights surrounded by all of the beautiful greenery; it is such a perfect summer vibe!

Cottage Style Summer Patio
English Cottage Home Exterior Decor Ideas
Details of an outdoor summer patio tablescape
Summer Pea Gravel DIY Patio Tour

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this outdoor summer patio tour! Be sure to watch the YouTube video as well for more details on the DIY concrete table, and you can read all about our DIY pea gravel patio here. Do you have an outdoor space that you love? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


Outdoor Summer Patio Tour

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  1. I love the concrete table top! Your husband did a great job on it. Your entire patio area looks so inviting.

  2. Excellent! I have a question. How do you keep weeds from coming up through the gravel? A girlfriend did a similar patio and the landscapers put some sort of black cloth down before the gravel but 2 years later weeds are popping through. She has little children so she doesn’t want to use a weed killer and vinegar didn’t do the job.

  3. Really pretty Andrea – so peaceful and inviting! You both did such a lovely job with this space!

  4. Your outdoor summer patio looks like the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun! I admire how you’ve incorporated greenery and natural elements into the design to create a serene and inviting atmosphere. It’s a wonderful inspiration for anyone looking to transform their outdoor space. Thanks for sharing your lovely patio tour!

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