DIY Frugal Fall Flower Arrangement

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DIY Frugal Fall Flower Arrangement

Today I want to show you how easy it is to put together your own fall flower arrangement to use as decor in your home!

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As promised in my bedroom fall decor post, I am excited to share how simple a DIY frugal fall flower arrangement truly is!

Fall bedroom flower arrangement

I’m sharing how to put together this flower arrangement step by step in this blog post to make it as easy as possible for you to create your own!

Also, be sure to watch my YouTube video linked above to watch the step by step process for creating this arrangement!

Flower arrangements can seem overwhelming, which is why many choose to purchase from a local florist, or find a faux arrangement online. If that is what you choose to do, that is completely fine! There are many very talented florists out there, my own great grandmother actually used to be one of them!

Minimal fall flower decor

My great grandmother taught my grandmother a lot about flower arrangements and my grandmother has spent time sharing those tips and tricks with me. I am so excited to share with you and I hope to teach you that what may seem overwhelming or challenging can be done in just a few simple steps! This DIY frugal fall flower arrangement is exactly one of those things!

To begin, decide on a base for your arrangement. This should be something simple that compliments the flowers you will be adding later.

For my base, I decided to clip stems from the branches of a tree right in our backyard. Some trees have started changing colors in Michigan, but this one still had vibrant green leaves which I loved for the base. Greens can add so much light and character to your arrangement.

Hydrangea bedroom flower decor

Clip a variety of stems and place them your vase and let them fall as they may. This creates a natural base as you begin your flower arrangement.

Next you will add in the flowers. This can be a mix of faux and real flowers, which is what I chose to do here.

I decided to start with white faux peonies with a touch of dark pink at the base. I knew the dark pink would tie into and compliment other flowers in the arrangement, and I loved the rich pink color for fall. My grandmother taught me to always work in odd numbered groups in arrangements, so for the peonies I used three total stems. I bought these from a friend’s home decor shop in Tennessee. I am not sure if she is still selling these, but I will link her shop here for you.

Hydrangea and Peony Fall Arrangement

For the second flower, I chose to go with some hydrangeas from my garden. They also have the same rich pink tones, but beautiful green tones as well and are the perfect compliment to this fall flower arrangement! You want to make sure as you add each flower that you are breaking up the different types of flowers. You don’t want two peonies together or two hydrangeas together, so I kept this in mind as I added them in.

Fall flower DIY arrangement

The final flower I chose to add is a faded pink flower that I loved the color of. I am not even sure where I purchased them, but I happened to have three so decided to incorporate them. I loved the faded pink for fall and it was the perfect shade to compliment the hydrangeas and peonies. As I stated in my YouTube video linked above, I am not completely sure what these are, but I would say they closely resemble a ranunculus flower.

Once you are finished incorporating the flowers into your DIY flower arrangement, I would suggest adding more greenery throughout the center.

Fall bedroom white pumpkin decor

Adding different green stems into the center of your arrangement can not only help break up the flowers all in the center, but helps to create a whimsical feel. I also feel like the green really adds life to your arrangement, especially if you are mixing faux flowers or stems.

The last thing you should consider is what is visible in vase of your DIY fall flower arrangement.

If you are using a clear vase like I am, I would suggest clipping everything off of your stems for a clean finished look. This also keeps the water very clean.

Vase at the bottom of fall flower arrangement

I also like to cut my stems at an angle. Cutting them at an angle helps your live stems to absorb water better and last longer.

Several different flowers and stems actually dry very beautifully. These stems and hydrangeas I have used in this arrangement will both dry well if I simply allow the water to just evaporate from the vase.

DIY Flower Arrangement Step by Step

  • Decide on a base for your arrangement
  • Add in the flowers of your choice- all real or faux or a mix of both
  • Add greenery throughout the center
  • Choose a vase to display and decide what will be visible in the vase

I really feel this DIY frugal fall arrangement turned out beautifully and I created it all with stems and flowers right from my yard and house!

Fall Bedroom simple and thrifty decor ideas

I hope this post inspires you to create your own arrangements this season for fall decor around your home. Remember, simple can be better and be creative! Move things around and play with it until you are happy with the results.

As always, if you have any questions about this DIY frugal fall flower arrangement, please let me know! And be sure to check out all of the lovely fall flower arrangements shared my talented friends, below!

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  4. Andrea,
    Your flowers are stunning and I especially love your flowers and greenery from your garden! Simply divine!

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