Top 10 Posts (Your Favorites!) in 2020

Top ten blog cottage home blog posts including DIY and thrifting!

Last January, I shared your favorite 10 posts from 2019. I really enjoyed looking back at all that was accomplished and being encouraged by your support along the way. This year, I decided to once again share your top 10 posts in 2020!

Looking back, 2020 was a year full of so many challenges, both mentally and physically. I was so encouraged, though, that we were still able to accomplish so much despite different obstacles. I was also encouraged once again to be reminded of all of your constant love and support. It is such a blessing to share my home and my passions with each of you and I look forward to doing that again this year.

I first want to start out by sharing your top 10 posts (your favorites!) in 2020 and then finish by sharing my favorite projects from the year. If you are new to the blog or have not subscribed yet, each will be linked and you can go back and read these different projects or watch the YouTube videos that are included at the top of each post!

Top Ten Posts from 2020

1. Raw Wood Finish Tutorial

Your number one favorite post from 2020 was my DIY Rustic Raw Wood Finish Process. I purchased two pieces that I intended to use for nightstands, but the finish was very orange and dated. In this post I walk you through the steps I used to transform them into beautiful raw wood pieces that I have in our bedroom.

DIY Rustic Raw Wood Finish

2. My Shop Page

The next favorite wasn’t necessarily a blog post, but it was visited 2nd highest on my blog in 2020 and that is my Shop Page! I was so encouraged by this! I took a leap of faith this past year and decided to share digital prints that I painted at home and I couldn’t believe the outpouring of love and support that you all showed me. 🙂

Downloadable paintings for sale!

3. English Cottage Elements

Number three on the list was my post called English Cottage Elements That Won’t Break the Bank. This post simply shares English inspired elements that are thrifty and easy to incorporate.

Consider hanging damaged thrift store baskets on the wall!

4. Free Fall Pumpkin Printable

Coming in at number four was the Free Fall Neutral Pumpkin Printable that I made available for you guys in August. After I launched the shop on my blog, the support was so overwhelming that I decided to give away a pumpkin printable that I painted for you to use in your own homes for fall decor.

I guess a lot of you really loved those pumpkins! 🙂

Top 10 posts in 2020 - FREE Fall Pumpkin Painting Printable!

5. DIY Pea Gravel Patio Tour

Favorite number five was the DIY Pea Gravel Patio Tour. Mike of course helped as he does with all of our projects and we transformed a portion of our backyard into a beautiful affordable patio area to use for outdoor dining in the warmer months.

In this post I explained how we created the patio as well as what it cost us, and some changes we made to the outside border this past summer.

Top 10 posts in 2020 - Come tour our pea gravel patio in the summer!

6. Thrifty Cottage Shed Makeover

My Thrifty Cottage Shed Makeover came in sixth place for your top 10 favorite posts in 2020. The shed was already on our property when we purchased our home but severely needed a makeover. This was a fun project and the shed is now one of my favorite elements outside!

Top ten posts in 2020 - Thrifty Cottage Shed Makeover!

7. Vintage Brass Bells – Free Christmas Printables

Following up at number seven was my Vintage Brass Bells – Free Christmas Printables post. Apparently you all really love printables, so I’ll keep that in mind for 2021 and be sure to paint some more! 🙂

Top ten posts in 2020 - Christmas printable

8. Cedar, Gold and Silver Christmas Dining Room

Keeping with the Christmas theme, your next favorite was my Cedar, Gold and Silver Cottage Style Christmas Dining Room. In this post I simply shared how I decorated my dining room for Christmas!

9. Cottage Decor Steals from Ikea

Your ninth favorite post was Cottage Decor Styles from Ikea where I shared several staple decor items in my home purchased from Ikea!

Top ten posts in 2020 - Cottage farmhouse Ikea finds

10. Look for Less: Thrifted Lamp Makeover

Finally the tenth favorite post of yours was my post on Look for Less: Thrifted Lamp Makeover. In this post, I took a thrifted lamp and transformed it into a new piece! Be sure to check it out if you have any old lamps laying around. 😉

Now that I have shared your top ten favorite posts from 2020, I want to quickly share my favorite projects from the past year. It was so funny to me that some of my favorites didn’t make the top ten list, but that’s okay! That’s what makes blogging so very interesting!

My Favorite Posts from 2020!

1. New High Back Sink and Faucet

The first project I would consider one of my favorites would be our New High Back Sink and Faucet in our Cottage Kitchen. It just makes such a difference and I love it so much! This project was a collaboration with a few companies, including Signature Hardware and one of the photos from the post was featured as a full page advertisement in the Magnolia Journal which was so exciting for me!

2. Hidden Dishwasher Tutorial

The second project was my Hidden Dishwasher Tutorial! I absolutely love how this turned out and it has inspired me to think about different ways to hide our fridge now…I know, I’m a little crazy haha!

3. Barn Beam Mantle

Third favorite would have to be our Airstone Fireplace Barn Beam Mantle Reveal! Isn’t it so beautiful?! This Facebook Marketplace find turned into such an exciting project for us!

4. Sunroom Reveal

I can’t neglect our sunroom from this list of five favorite projects from 2020. There were so many projects within this project, but you can find links to all of them in my Sunroom Window Bench Reveal.

Our sunroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house now, and I’m so happy we had the chance to give it a little makeover this past year.

5. Our Cottage Garden

I would say my final favorite would be my flower garden beds in our backyard. Mike and I built these beds and planted Classic Perennials for a Cottage Garden. This outdoor space turned out so beautiful, i just loved going out to the garden to weed and snip flowers so that I could bring them inside.

I so enjoyed reflecting on the year 2020 and going through each of these posts with you. I am beyond excited to share another year of blogging with you all! I hope these ideas inspire and encourage you as you plan out your own projects for 2021. Thank you for reading sweet friends!


Top ten blog cottage home blog posts including DIY and thrifting!


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  1. Daylilies and Coral Bells are wonderful perennials. I’ve gone crazy with daylilies, so many bloom colors-amazing. Some I’ve bought because of their names, ‘Ebony and Ivory’ because I had a dog named Ebony, another ‘Little Stinker’ for my dog, Tinker! I have one called ‘May May’ because my Mother’s and my middle name is Mae. Coral Bells are more foliage plants, so any gorgeous colors, a shade plant that shoot up tall stems covered with small bell-shaped flowers. I live in Minnesota so I’m sure these would be hardy in your zone. Happy gardenimg!

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