Thrifting Inspiration for Budget Friendly Home Decor

Thrifting Inspiration for Budget Friendly Home Decor

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family. Today I want to share some thrifting inspiration for you to be able to find budget friendly home decor!

Before I share some thrifting inspiration, I want to encourage you to take a look at the YouTube video linked above! I share all of my fun thrifted finds from my North Carolina vacation this year as well as a fun new app I have discovered, Poshmark!

It should come as no surprise to you by now that I love thrifting. For those new here, my passion behind this entire blog and my YouTube channel is sharing that you can have the home of your dreams, even on a low budget!

English Cottage influenced spring home tour with full view of living and entryway decorated for spring

It is safe to say the majority of our home is decorated with thrifted and secondhand items. There are obviously things in a home that should be purchased new, but more often than not, thrifted home decor is overlooked as an affordable option to furnish and decorate your home!

Thrifted items can be found from secondhand stores, but they can also be found on Facebook Marketplace and garage sales as well! I have even had luck finding amazing deals at antique stores!

Paint washed dining room chairs in cottage style home

Budget is obviously a huge reason I love to thrift. Finding beautiful pieces at affordable prices is a huge win. Another bonus to thrifting is being able to decorate your home with finds that are unique to you. This truly makes a house a home.

I have written several blog posts on second hand home decor, sharing my finds, and thrifting tips and tricks. I’ve rounded all of them up for you, below!

Thrifting Inspiration – Sections of the Store I Never Pass By

The power of painting a space to redecorate in your home

Shopping at thrift stores can be overwhelming, but there are so many treasures to be found! In this post, I share 5 sections of the store I never pass by when thrifting! Simply click the link below to read more:

5 Sections of the Thrift Store I Never Pass By

Thrifting Inspiration – 3 Thrifting Reminders

Beautiful and simple cottage bedroom style decor

I love thrifting, and my home is made up of so many beautiful thrifted items! In this post, I share a thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders! Click below to read the full post!

Recent Thrift Haul and 3 Thrifting Reminders

Thrifting Inspiration – Thrift Stores vs. Antique Shops

English cottage elements in spring living room decor

In this blog post, I talk to you guys about shopping at thrift stores versus shopping at antique shops and the difference between them!

Thrift Stores vs. Antique Shops – What’s the Difference?

Thrifting Inspiration – 5 Ways to Decorate with Thrift Store Decor

Simple white vase with flowers decorating kitchen for spring

In this post, I am sharing 5 ways to decorate with thrift store decor! Thrifting can be hit or miss, but knowing what to look for ahead of time can really help make all the difference. 

5 Ways to Decorate with Thrift Store Decor

Our cutting board display, all dressed with fresh lilacs!

There are even more thrift hauls and inspiration posts on my blog, but I hope reading through these will equip you with what you need to begin thrifting for your own home decor!

I hope this thrifting inspiration has helped you! Have you tried thrifting for home decor? I would love to read about all of your finds in the comments below! Thank you for stopping by today friends!


Thrifting Inspiration for Budget Friendly Home Decor


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  1. I grew up with thrift store shopping and have never not thrift shopped. :). I look for high quality items, not the knicknacks. There are so many wonderful things to be found, and you do want to avoid what I would say is generic, disposable decor, which is easy to find anywhere and looks tacky and not timeless. I can’t just change everything in five years, so I want to ALWAYS love whatever I buy and it not be cluttery, which is easy in a small house to have a busy look and too much stuff. Your home is very inspiring and very beautiful without so many things being in it. Your approach is very much considering the beauty of wonderful items and a careful choice, not just random things. I love seeing your style and approach.

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