Little Boys and White Decor? Our First YouTube Q and A Together!

Little Boys and White Decor home design

I am so excited to include some very special guests in today’s post – my boys! We are going to address a few questions I get often – one of them being little boys and white decor – in our first YouTube Q and A together!

Little Boys and White Decor? Our first YouTube Q and A together is in the video linked above! My YouTube channel is a huge part of my blog, and I truly believe that it’s been one of the main contributors to my growth as a blogger. I love connecting with you all through video, and I thought it would be fun to ask my boys a few questions and give you their honest answers.

Little Boys and White Decor? Our First YouTube Q and A Together! – Introductions 

First of all I would love to introduce to you my three boys. Yes, I have one on the way that we are very excited about and I am sure you are just as eager as I am to know the gender! We’ve decided to wait and be surprised with this one which is a new concept for me since we have always found out the gender before birth. Since we already have three boys, something about not knowing really excites me for this sweet blessing God has for our family. 

Little Boys and White Decor

My boys from oldest to youngest are Ethan, Gabriel and Caleb. We usually call Gabriel, Gabe and as you can see in the video, Caleb at age two really needs to get rid of his pacifier. Just more proof for you all that no one is a super mom, and we all need to parent how we feel God is leading us to. Right now he is my baby and I am not quite ready to let that go! 

Little Boys and White Decor? Our First YouTube Q and A Together! – Rules 

In the YouTube video which I hope you are able to watch, I ask the boys about our rules for our white chairs. It’s one of the most common questions that I get – “how do you have white decor with little boys?”

I wrote an entire review on my blog about our chairs and how easy they are to clean and keep clean if you’d like to check that out, here. If I allow the kids to eat snacks in our living room, our dark grey sectional is their go to place to sit. In most cases we only eat things like popcorn, or foods that can easily be vacuumed up.

Spring decorating ideas in our cottage style living room

We try very hard to tell the boys that we need to take care of our things. Do they follow these rules perfectly? Of course not, but they do for the most part. I honestly believe that if you don’t teach your kids to respect their own home, they won’t respect the homes of others when we visit friends or relatives.

Little Boys and White Decor? Our First YouTube Q and A Together! – Home Decor 

I go on to ask the boys if they like our home decor which received mixed reviews haha! They are very excited about the basement being finished because they will “have more fun” as they say in the Q and A. I do plan on taking you guys along as we finish that space. It has a long way to go and my husband has never done anything like this before, so it’s been quite the project!

When I ask them about their bedroom makeover which I talked about a few weeks ago with you all, they decided they would love blue and red as the paint colors! We will have to see how that ends up! 

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom Bunkbed

Altogether, this question and answer time didn’t go exactly as I had planned, but with three boys that is completely understandable! My favorite quote from Gabriel about the house had to be “it’s so clean that I love it more than anything in the world!” That meant a lot to me, sometimes I don’t think we realize how important the mundane tasks are to our children. When we work to keep a tidy home that’s cared for, we are creating a haven for our families that will forever impact their lives.

We finish our video chatting about our new addition coming soon – will it be a boy or a girl? My boys seem to want a girl, but I’m not sure we will go with the name options they gave me haha!

We're Expecting Again! Pregnant with baby number 4!

Well this was definitely not the typical type of video or post that I would share with you, but it was a fun break up from the regular for me. I really hope you enjoyed not only meeting my boys, but also hearing what they think about our home!


Little Boys and White Decor home design


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  1. This was too cute, Andrea! Your boys are adorable. It reminded me of when my two boys were that age, but they didn’t like all the decorating projects. However, as they became teenagers, their friends started commenting about how cool they liked our house, and suddenly, Mom’s style was cool to them too! LOL! You’re doing a great job, Andrea, both as a Mom and a Blogger!

  2. My daughters waited to find out and it was so much fun!! There’s a bit of gender neutral items out there to get you home and through those first few weeks. You will love it when they announce what your new bundle is…..and the rest of us will be excited to hear too!!

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