How I Keep my Kids Busy at Home

Today I’m sharing how I keep my kids busy at home, and I’d love for you to share your creative ideas as well!

Today I’m sharing how I keep my kids busy at home, and I’d love for you to share your creative ideas as well!

I’m sharing how I keep my kids busy at home today for more than just the obvious reason. Yes, we are living through a very strange time with the coronavirus pandemic, and most of us are stuck at home with our kids. But truth be told, I’ve been asked questions like this so many times since starting my blog. 

How do you get stuff done with kids?

How do you do projects around the house when you have little children?

How do you keep your kids busy while you work from home?

Let me start by saying that it’s not always easy, and trying to find a good balance is hard. Over the past 4 years I have learned that it’s usually best to spend my mornings focusing on my kids and housework, and saving my afternoons (nap time) and evenings (bed time) for my blog. 

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Trying to focus on work when the kids are awake almost always turns into a bad situation. I get frustrated and lose my patience, and the last thing I want is for my children to remember mom staring at her computer every day and yelling every time they approached me. 

With that being said, I think it’s important to encourage independence, activity and creativity in your children at a young age. Yes, I think you should set aside time each day to play with your kids. But they should also be able to play on their own. Since I use afternoons for blogging, I try to get housework and even dinner prep done in the mornings, so it’s important for me to have plenty of things to keep my kids busy. 

How I Keep my Kids Busy at Home – Tips

Tip #1 – Rotate Toys

A few years ago I was cleaning up so many hot wheels cars and legos daily that I decided it was time for a change. When young children have access to all their toys, it becomes a free-for-all. Everything gets dumped, toys are literally everywhere, yet the kids “have nothing to do”. 

My husband and I decided that it was time to scale way back, donate a whole bunch of toys, and organize them into bins that were high up or out of reach. 

By doing this, the toys become a little bit more “special”. Play-doh, legos, train tracks, paint supplies, building blocks, doctor kits, tool sets….almost everything is out of reach and the kids have to ask for me to get it down. 

How to keep your kids active at home!
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It may seem a little extreme, but it has saved me so much time, not to mention my sanity. When the kids want to play with their doctor kit or with legos, I get it down for them once they have cleaned up whatever other toys they were playing with, first. 

Now yes, there are toys they always have access to. They have a toy box in their bedroom filled with things they can pull out without asking Mom. I don’t want to make it sound like they have to come to me for every single toy. 

But a lot of the sets…they toys that have tiny little pieces or multiple parts…yes. Those are out of reach and on rotation. I don’t pull play doh out every single day. If they ask for it after having just played with it the day before, I might encourage them to color instead or play with something different. 

Tip #2 – Limit Toys and Encourage Creativity

My husband and I still joke about the fact that our kids get more excited about a giant cardboard box from Amazon than half of the toys they got for Christmas that year. 

It seems so simple, but it’s amazing to watch. A few weeks ago I ordered four faux stems from Target and they came in a massive box. It was a little comical how huge the box was for such a small shipment, but my boys were literally jumping for joy when I pulled all of the bubbles out and let them have at it. They ran and got colored pencils and jumped inside the box, drawing windows and buttons and control panels. 

That silly box kept my kids busy for over an hour. But it was so nice to see them using their imaginations, turning something so simple into a work of art. 

Tip #3 – Take your Kids Outside

It sounds simple, but my boys LOVE being outside. I know it can be an inconvenience when you have dishes piled up and loads of laundry to catch up on, believe me. But even just 30 minutes of fresh air with your kids will do both you and them some good. 

Plus, whenever I let my kids play outside they always nap and sleep so much better!! Win win!

Tip #4 – Have your Kids Help Out

We need to teach our kids that work is a good thing! If they made the mess, they should be the one to clean it up. We have our boys put their own laundry away, help unload silverware in the dishwasher, sweep under the table, and Gabe even loves to vacuum. 

Also, if they want to help out around the house, let them help and praise them for their willingness. Sometimes I say no when they ask because I know I could do it so much faster or better than what they would do, and I need to get out of that habit. 

Tips to keep your kids busy at home!

Tip #5 – Play with Your Kids

This is definitely my weakness. I work from home as a blogger, so there is a lot that I’m trying to accomplish in a day. Cleaning the house, picking up after my children, feeding my children, dishes, laundry, dinner prep…it never ends. Not to mention creating YouTube videos, blog posts, and whatever DIY project I’m working on at the time. 

There will always, always be things to do. Always. That means I have to be intentional about playing with my children. When they ask you to color with them, sit down and color for 10 minutes. When they want you to play monster, stop what you are doing and chase them around the dining room table and tickle them until they beg you to stop. 

Lastly, be sure to read with your children and encourage them to read on their own as well if they are able. Books can help your kids in so many ways, and by making it a daily activity, your kids will love that time and really begin to look forward to it!

I hope this post was a help you to all in some way. How have you been keeping your kids busy through all of this? Please let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Today I’m sharing how I keep my kids busy at home, and I’d love for you to share your creative ideas as well!



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  1. We have been outside ALOT! The older kids have been learning to make more things in the kitchen and that helps me out big time.

    1. That is awesome!! We are getting outside more and more too. My boys love helping me in the kitchen! 🙂

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