DIY Barn Door Tutorial

DIY Barn Door


Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂 I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the barn door hanging above the couch in our living room, so I thought I’d share some step by step instructions for anyone interested in building one like ours. This tutorial is not only easy, but also very inexpensive – especially if you can get your pallet wood for free, like we did! Unfortunately we completed this project before I started my blog, but I recreated each step for you and I promise it’s simpler than you might think. I will also include measurements for our barn door, in case you want to construct yours at that same scale.

Materials needed:

  • Pallet Wood*
  • Screws (we used 1 inch)
  • Steel Wire
  • Drill
  • Chop Saw
  • Stain or paint  (I used both)
  • Wood Glue (optional)

*We used industrial sized pallet boards which are much wider than standard. You can find this pallet size at most factories, home improvement or hardware stores that handle/manufacture heavy equipment. The particular factory where we got ours had hundreds of these pallets stacked up out back, and they were more than happy to let us have a few!

Step 1

Decide the height and width that you would like your barn door to be. Our barn door is 30 inches tall and 48 inches wide. I chose this size because I really wanted it to be the main focal point behind our couch.

Step 2

Once you have decided on the size of your barn door, it’s time to construct it’s body. Simply cut your pallet boards to the height you want your door, and line them up vertically side by side until you reach your desired door width.

Step 3

Once you have your boards lined up next to each other vertically, measure the width of your door and cut two boards to that length.

Place these boards on the top and bottom of your barn door body to make sure they reach from end to end. At this point, my husband flipped the entire door upside down and screwed the vertical boards into the horizontal ones. Be sure your screws are long enough to attach the boards, but short enough not to screw entirely through your door.

Side note:  It might be easier to use an adhesive such as Liquid Nails first, then clamp your boards together and allow them to dry before flipping your door over and drilling your screws in. That way you don’t have to worry about your boards moving around while you try to drill. I just didn’t have the patience for that step is all! 😉

Top View:

Each “x” represents a screw.

Step 4

Next, we took two boards and lined them up on a diagonal just like the image below.

We marked the boards where the dotted lines are above, and used our chop saw to cut the boards on each line.

My husband then flipped the door over and screwed the boards in from the back side, just like he did in Step 3. Again, we would recommend using an adhesive first so that your boards stay in place while you attach them.

Step 5

In order to hang the barn door on the wall, we simply put a screw on the back side of each outside board, about a quarter of the way down. My husband then wrapped wire several times around the two screws to create a hanger.

We highly recommend using anchors to hang this door on your wall. My husband used two.

And there you have it! So easy, right?! I stained my barn door first using Weathered Oak stain by Minwax, but it was a little too dark for me. I took the door down, sanded it with a low grit sand paper, then dry brushed it with some white and beige paint to give it a weathered look.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks again for visiting! 🙂




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  1. Oh, I love this. I do believe this is just the farmhouse touch my living room needs, and I do not have anywhere to hang a full size barn door. Thank you, Andrea and Mike for such easy to follow directions.

    So fun to see how your home has changed over time.

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