Ark Encounter, Creation Museum & Antiques – Our Mini Family Vacation

Ark Encounter, Creation Museum & Antiques - Our Mini Vacation

I am so excited to share our recent trip with you that included the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum & Antiques! It was the perfect mini vacation!

Hey Friends! We just got home from an awesome trip to Kentucky, and I thought it would be neat to share our little adventure with you! We visited both the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, and of course I fit some antique shopping in on the way home! 

I took you all along with me in my YouTube video linked above, but I thought I would answer some questions about our trip here on the blog that I got on Instagram. I also want to share my decor finds…I am so excited about them! 

So first off…the Ark Encounter! Mike and I visited just the two of us 5 years ago now, and SO much has changed since then. There were so many more exhibits and attractions than last time, including an awesome playground, zoo, and a virtual reality experience that my boys LOVED and are still talking about. 

The amazing ark encounter in Kentucky boymom vacation

So the main question that I got was in regards to my children. Were they old enough to understand it? Did they enjoy it or get bored? 

My boys are 8, 6, 3 and of course Isaiah was just born in August. When we first saw the ark from the bus that brings you to the site, my boys were SO excited. Honestly, so was I. Pictures don’t do it justice…the ark is so massive that it just takes your breath away really. 

Ark encounter, creation museum & antiques our mini family vacation

Once we got inside the ark, there is music playing and surround sound to simulate waves, thunder and rain – as if there is a storm beating against the boat. It is awesome!! BUT…my three year old was crying and saying he was scared haha! Once we explained that it was just the speaker, he did much better. 

There is a lot of information in the ark, displays and awesome exhibits that really take time if you were to stop and read it all. The kids unfortunately always wanted to keep moving. They loved seeing the animals in cages and exhibits specifically meant for kids, but large displays with a lot of words – not so much. 

Ark encounter displays that are perfect for children

So if you really enjoy taking the time to learn and read through everything, I wouldn’t recommend bringing young children with you the first time you visit. Don’t get me wrong – the kids will LOVE it – my children were just too young to appreciate all the facts and information that was presented. 

Thankfully Mike and I had visited already, so eventually we let my parents take their time reading through everything and just went ahead with the boys. We eventually ended up at the zoo, which they absolutely loved. 2

Our trip to the creation museum with young children

As for the Creation Museum, again – there is a lot of reading and a lot of information presented. But my boys still enjoyed it for so many reasons! There was a petting zoo, life size dinosaurs and bible characters, and a planetarium which the boys loved! The museum also has an amazing display of bugs, which Ethan still talks about. Bugs are his favorite!

Creation museum going on vacation as a boy mom with four young children

Overall, it was a pretty amazing experience and the coolest field trip ever haha! I would love to bring my boys again in about five years when they have more bible knowledge and will appreciate it all even more. 

Going on vacation with young children and how to make the best of it

On the way home from our adventures in Kentucky, we decided to stop at a massive antique mall in Ohio! Oh my goodness you guys it was huge!! I had a lot of fun walking around it with my mom, and I ended up finding a few treasures! 

Remember when I said I was looking for a usable copper kettle in my fall kitchen tour? Well I found one! It’s so beautiful and I already used it for my oatmeal this morning! 

Copper tea kettle find in antique store

I also grabbed another antique cutting board that I plan on adding to my cutting board wall…you can never have too many of those!! 

Antique and vintage unique cutting board

Be sure to watch the video linked above to see more footage of the ark encounter, creation museum and antique store visit! 

Have you ever been to the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Ark Encounter, Creation Museum & Antiques - Our Mini Vacation


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  1. Really enjoyed the videos of your trip. The boys are getting taller. The Ark was amazing. I hope to see it one day. Love the brass tea kettle.

    You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Andrea,
    We live just down the road from the Creation Museum and the Ark is only about 30 minutes from us!! Let me know next time you are in town.
    – Mary Rose

  3. We are going in a couple of weeks! I’m so excited especially after seeing your video! What was the name of the antique mall?

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